Twit Lit Classics® is a humorous companion book series which retells works of classic literature in tweets for a 21st-century audience.

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With a casual about-essay and an appendix presenting the original passages upon which the tweets are based, Twit Lit Classics can serve as fun lit companions for everyone from students to lit lovers.

Books are published by the Racehorse unit of Skyhorse Publishing. Retellings of short works of literature, found in the public domain, are published in magazines, literary journals, and here on this website. The first two–#Moby-Dick and #Frankenstein–are now available!

Twit Lit Classics is authored by Mike Bezemek, a writer, photographer, editor, and former college teacher. He writes and photographs several blogs and online columns. Like Sex in a Canoe is a series of satirical reviews of so-called “shitty” beers for Bull: Men’s Fiction. He’s written many articles for Canoe & Kayak Magazine, where he’s a contributing editor. His blog is Hot Mess of an Adventure Writer Tells All: Confessions, Lessons, and Mishaps from the Field. He is the author of Paddling the John Wesley Powell Route and Paddling the Ozarks for FalconGuides and contributes to a variety of other publications. Connect with him using the contact form on this site or by visiting mikebezemek.com.

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