A big goal at Twit Lit Classics is to provide fun and humorous literature companions for students in college and high school classes. For that reason, every retelling includes a casual about essay and end notes leading to an appendix with the original passages upon which each tweet is based.

Educators may find that Twit Lit Classics can be a fun supplementary reading to the original works. Alternatively, Twit Lit Classics titles can be read alone as part of courses involving essay writing, research writing, creative writing, digital media, social media, and reading comprehension.

Possible assignments are numerous. Students might read a volume from Twit Lit Classics and then create their own Twitter abridgment from the original work or for a different story or novel. Students can analyze and discuss the stylistic and abridgement choices made in the Twit Lit Classics, possibly paired with lessons or activities related to close reading, literary analysis, summarizing, paraphrasing, annotated bibliographies, novel plotting, and establishing author voice. The appendix in each work can be read as its own abridgement of the longer work, allowing the student to read portions of the original work without the teacher committing class time to assigning the entire work.

If you’re an educator or student with an idea for a fun and creative lesson related to Twit Lit Classics, we’d love to learn about it and share on this page! Please use the contact form.

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